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The Ride Life programs include everything from a one-time purchase of easy to follow videos, a monthly membership, or a monthly personalized training program.

Find the one that’s best for you. Do you need quick easy-to-do workouts? Incentives and accountability to help you stick with your mountain bike training program? Or are you looking to train your body with a personalized program? 

Mountain Biking Strength Programs:

Ride Life Membership

This monthly membership is a complete mountain bike training program which includes many different programs to keep you engaged, and a supportive online community.

Personalized Training

A completely personalized mountain bike training program developed with one of our Ride Life coaches to meet your body’s needs, your schedule, and your goals.

Mountain Bike Training core crushers

Core Crushers

A self-guided core strengthening program geared towards the busy woman who wants to improve her balance and control on her bike, as well as her core strength.


Build Strength In Your Neck, Shoulders, Core, Lower Back, and Hips to Give You More Power And Stability When Riding Your Mountain Bike.


Pedal Uphills Faster, Shred Corners, Rip Down Hills, And Tackle Rocks And Roots To Feel In Control Of Your Bike.


Explore More Advanced Trails, Ride Farther, And Attack Technical Sections Of The Trail To Have Fun And Smile More.

“Definitely feeling strong, especially on the climbs! And I have better stability – which I really notice on the tight berms and turns! So much more fun being able to tear through those with more speed and confidence! This is a great group of fun, positive and supportive women – so glad to be a part of The Ride Life Team!”
Member of the Ride Life Membership


The Ride Life Membership is my online monthly membership program designed for women mountain bikers. Start by completing a self-strength assessment to help you personalize your monthly workout calendar. Complete 15-20 minute full-body workouts designed specifically for women to help you:

  • Crush Climbs
  • Descend Hills With Confidence
  • Ride Over Roots And Rocks
  • Feel Strong And Balanced On Your Mountain Bike

The Ride Life Membership



Plus, you’ll learn technical skills from industry-leading women mountain bikers and coaches. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in an online community of like-minded women from around the world – how cool is that! And with a 30-day money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

The ride life personal training

Personalized Mountain Biking Training Programs



Meet one-on-one with our coaches and create a completely customized training program to fit your unique mountain biking needs. 

  • Are You Training For A Specific Event? 
  • Have A Pesky Injury Keeping You Off Your Bike? 
  • Do You Prefer To Work Individually With A Coach To Reach Your Specific Goals?

The Ride Life’s Personalized Mountain Bike Training Program is designed to create a mountain bike training program developed especially for you.  Here you’ll:

  • Meet Virtually With One Of Our Coaches Twice A Month
  • Follow A Customized Training Program Designed For You
  • Have Unlimited Messaging Access To Your Coach
  • Accountability – No More Excuses For Not Completing Your Exercises

What are you waiting for? It’s time you invested in yourself!

Not quite ready to jump into The Ride Life Team but still want to elevate your mountain biking? Start with Core Crushers. This one-time payment and lifetime access program will target your biggest asset – your core. By targeting your core, you can expect to bring your biking to a new level.

When you strengthen and engage your core, you’ll:

  • Gain Power Needed To Sprint Up Punchy Climbs And Over Rock Gardens
  • Feel Balanced And In Control Navigating Technical Sections Of The Trail
  • Relieve Pain In Your Neck, Back, And Hips
  • Release Tension From Tight Hip Flexors
  • Connect And Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor – Who Doesn’t Want That?

Core Crushers



With Core Crushers, you’ll learn to be in control of your mountain bike rather than your bike controlling you. You’ll learn to be more dynamic on the bike and adjust your body position when on the trail. You’ll feel in control and have more confidence biking at faster speeds. Core Crushers help you engage your core, so you feel strong and balanced on your bike.


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