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Personalized Mountain Bike Training Plan

If you have struggled with typical training plans, wanted a program designed for your body, its quirks, and previous injuries, as well as needed more accountability, look no further. The Ride Life and its coaches have unique backgrounds, from doctor of physical therapists to adventure bike racing and collegiate sports. But we also have a history of injury, training to come back and feel better in our body. We know how to make a plan for you to do your best and feel stronger and more confident on and off your bike!

Each training plan is as unique as you are. 

Mountain bike personal training plan

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Cost: $300 per month

(no commitment periods)


1 Zoom Call to Start Each Month

1 Phone Call Mid Month

Messaging Contact throughout the Month

Monthly Plan including Strength and Interval Workouts so you can improve your body and biking without causing other injuries and supporting old ones.

Mountain Biking... Our Escape

Mountain Biking is a challenging sport requiring a lot from your body. Let’s get you a plan and support to gain strength and endurance with the best use of time and at the right pace. 

P.S. – There are not always spots available as most women who start this training don’t stop.