Build Strength, Gain Confidence, and Feel Empowered On Your Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike Strength and Training Programs for Women
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Feel Strong and in Control on Your Mountain Bike

Do you want to Crush Climbs, Shred Corners, Play on the Downhills, Ride Longer, and Keep Up With Friends? 

BUT – You can’t find the right program to start…  

Are you out of shape? Coming back from an injury or starting to feel your age? You need a little extra support. The Ride Life  gives you women-specific mountain bike training programs with easy to do workouts to meet your busy life. And to meet the needs of your body without causing another injury or pushing you too hard. 

The Ride Life is here to support you. Start smiling more, tackle challenging sections of trail, and complete rides you only dreamed about!

Are you ready to up your game?

  • No more stopping in the middle of the trail to catch your breath.
  • Feel in control on downhills.
  • Ride longer and farther than before.
  • Ride without pain.
  • Be encouraged by an amazing community of women from around the world.

This is the beginning of feeling stronger and more confident on your bike. 

Say Yes to Yourself and Make This Your Day to Become a Stronger Mountain Biker!

Mountain bike the ride life

“The Ride Life is a mountain bike training program designed for the everyday woman. The woman who wants to ride longer, climb better, and feel confident on the trail.  The woman who wants to smile more and have more fun on her bike.

- Liz

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mountain Bike Skills Coach

Life will always get in the way. And the excuses are endless. But the question is – Will this be “Day 1” of your journey or will this be a “one-day” type of thing?

Are you ready to put yourself higher on the “to-do” list? Are you ready to feel the difference in your body and on your mountain bike?


The Ride Life’s Mountain Bike Membership and Training Programs

This signature monthly membership program is designed for the mountain biker who wants to:

  • Ride more miles
  • Crush climbs
  • Confidently shred corners
  • Rip downhills

Plus, be surrounded by like-minded women from around the world to encourage you and celebrate your wins on the trail.

Ride Life Membership



The ride life personal training

Personalized Training Programs



Build a completely personalized training program with one of our Ride Life coaches. Our coaches will meet with you virtually to discuss:

  • Your goals
  • Your needs
  • Your body
  • Your lifestyle

We’re here to help you feel empowered and confident on the trail and in your body.

Dip your toes into The Ride Life and get started with Core Crushers. This one-time payment and lifetime access course will help you strengthen your core so you can:

  • Tackle technical sections feeling in control 
  • Pedal up steep and punchy climbs
  • Relieve pain in your neck, back, and shoulders

Core Crushers will make you feel in control and playful on your mountain bike.

Core Crushers



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What Other Mountain Bikers Are Saying

“The pain and stiffness is gone and strength and mobility have returned. Like 100%.”
- Melissa Karol

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About Me

Building a Strong Community of Women Mountain Bikers

I’m Liz Koch, a doctor of physical therapy, a PMBIA level 1 mountain bike coach, and a strength and endurance coach. 

I’m a woman who loves to let loose and play in the woods on her mountain bike. I want to share the joy I feel on the trails with you.

I created The Ride Life to help women of all ages and those struggling with fitness build strength, gain confidence, feel empowered to have more fun on the trails. I’m here to help you celebrate your body on and off the trail.

Women Mountain Bikers

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