Welcome to the Ride Life

Programs Designed for Mountain Biking Women's Strength and Endurance to Increase Mileage, Stamina, and Confidence!

Founded By Liz Koch, Doc of Physical Therapy

A membership based app with programs for different seasons and different strength levels to gain strength, mobiilty, and endurance at the right pace so you can keep riding!

A YouTube Channel with guidance on strength, body mechanics, and biking skills to help you ride with more confidence while also feeling good!

A workout that covers the needed areas for mountain biking strength to ride better and also feel better on the bike!

A program that specifically looks at strenghtening your core for mountain biking, that has 5 different levels of strength to step up through as you progress!

I take on a limited amount of women that need more specific programming and assistance to progress their strength and endurance.

I talk about women's biking issues as well as strength training... come for a listen.

mountain biking with Liz

More Smiles for the Miles – Time to Get Stronger to Have More Fun!