59. Winter Training Program for Mountain Biking | Women Mtn Bike

The Ride Life Podcast

Planning your winter training is key to success.
But! How do you need to look at the different months.
I go over some simple ways to look at your monthly training needs to meet the goals you may have.
I also go over my personal look at the winter and how that might be where you need to start as well. (ps – It is a very base beginner plan)
Check it out!

What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl:

01:12  – What is the IT Band?

04:40 – Is the IT band a friction syndrome?

07:00 – The reasons why you could be experiencing pain.

08:45 – Top 3 stretches that will help with your IT Band Syndrome?

11:13 – Is the hype around foam rolling for your IT band worthwhile?

13:40 – Why do you feel relief with foam rolling?

15:06 – What you’re not considering when addressing your IT  Band Syndrome

17:51 – If it’s not relieving YOUR pain, find something different. 

20:02 Levels of addressing IT Band Syndrome

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